Why Should You Choose
Young Living Essential Oils?

Answer 1: YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS (YLEO) is the WORLD LEADER in 100% pure and organic therapeutic-grade Essential Oils.

Answer 2: Young Living essential oils meet Therapeutic-Grade (YLTG) standard to ensure that they can be used to promote wellness and healing.

Please click here to find out the definition of the Young Living Therapeutic-grade (YLTG) standard.

Answer 3: Young Living Essential Oils work to promote healing.

Many professionals (naturopath doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists, healing practitioners, massage therapists, etc.) throughout the world incorporate Young Living Essential Oils into their practice to help their patients/clients.

Answer 4: Young Living Essential Oils not only work on physical level, but also work on mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Why Young Living Essential Oils are
NOT sold at local stores?

Answer 1: It's because CONSUMERS (especially beginners) don't know the difference in quality.

It is said that more than 95% of essential oils sold at local stores are PERFUME-GRADE that cannot be used to promote Health and Well-being.

Answer 2: Young Living Essential Oils carry more than 300 lines of products including Essential Oils, Massage oils, Skin care products, Personal Care items, Dietary Supplements, Food, Cleaning products, Cook Wares, Diffuser and more...

One-page advertisement on magazines and 15-second commercial on the air cannot properly introduce Young Living products. They have discovered that the best way to share Young Living products is through the words of mouth.

Educated independent distributors, like me, will provide education about each product that Young Living Essential Oils offers.

Answer 3: Young Living Essential Oils encourages us to be our own store for our tax benefit.

Many Young Living users are too sick to work outside and there are many mothers who would like to spend more time at home with their children. Young Living Essential Oils provides job opportunity for them to work out of their own home at their own pace.

Why Do I Personally Recommend Young Living Essential Oils?

* I can TRUST the quality of their Essential Oils

I had a privilege of visiting Young Living farms to watch their distilling process and their research lab to learn the way they test the quality of the essential oils.

Young Living Essential Oils ensures that their essential oils meet therapeutic standard of AFNOR and ISO (International Standard Organization) and now has set the new standard; Young Living Therapeutic grade (YLTG).

* I can receive a lot of education

Young Living Essential Oils has a research clinic in Ecuador, and we can hear the results and testimonials.

* Great Community Support

There is a great support system among Young Living users. There are numbers of Young Living communities where we can support one another. Once you become a member, please let me know. I'm happy to support you by providing education and necessary information so that you can be on the path to HEAL your Body-Mind-Soul.


Let's practice LAW OF ATTRACTION by using YLEO!!!

YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS allows you to promote HEALTH & WELLNESS for yourself while assisting your loved ones. YLEO also allows you to assist others while promoting your own HEALTH & WELLNESS. By assisting others (Giving), you get to promote Wellness and receive Rewards at the same time (Receiving). So, you can magnify the LAW OF ATTRACTION by practicing Giving & Receiving.


Let's become your own Healer by using YLEO!

You are on the journey to become your own HEALER. And, you will be trained to become a WELLNESS CONSULTANT by using YLEO products. Sooner or later, you will become a healing practitioner to your loved ones. You will be teaching others how they can be their own HEALER.


Let's find your LIFE PURPOSE by using YLEO!

The greatest joy that I have experienced by sharing YLEO is to get to meet the wonderful people like you. By SERVING others, I feel the sense of LIFE PURPOSE. I hope you get to experience the sense of LIFE PURPOSE by helping others as well. TOGETHER, we can make a huge difference in the community and the world.

[Young Living has offices in Canada, Australia, England, Japan and Mexico.]

Thank you so much again for choosing to be a MEMBER of Young Living Essential Oils. I hope you enjoy the wonderful aroma and the magical power of therapeutic-grade essential oils.



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