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Hiroko has been serving as a Spiritual Adviser to enhance quality of one's life on SPIRITUAL LEVEL.

Divine Service

After going through challenges and life struggles and facing each of them, I came to realize that each life event was Blessing in Disguise. Each event, no matter how hard it was, led me to grow spiritually and led me to walk on the spiritual path to Heal....path to Enlightenment.

At the age of 29, I received an Inner Guidance to serve as a GUIDE so that I can assist others like you to promote HEALING of Body-Mind-Soul.

Who can benefit from Spiritual Advising Service?

If you are feeling and experiencing below, I highly recommend Spiritual Healing:

* Feeling Stuck

* No Motivation / Lack of Passion in life

* Lack of Concentration

* No Satisfaction in life

* Having discomfort without not specific reason

* Low Energy

* Frequent Injuries

* Tendency to get involved with accident

* Recurring Life Patterns

* Extreme Fear, Phobia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, etc.


Your MIND can be saying 'I want this' and 'I want that'.

That's okay if that's what it says.

However, sooner or later, you may run into a wall and you tend to get stuck no matter what you try to do as long as you are following what your MIND keeps telling you....

At that point, I highly suggest finding out what your BODY is actually telling you.

You may be surprised to find out how twisted your MIND can be towards Inner and Divine Guidance.

This twisted mind can be reflected in Relationship issues (such as controlling issue, passive-aggressive syndrome, etc.), it can be reflected on the physical level as a block such as pain, discomfort, sickness, it can be reflected as obstacles in life (injuries, accidents, etc.) and/or it can be reflected in Emotional and Mental states such as Anxiety, Panic Attack, Depression, Mental/Nervous Breakdown, Manic/Bi-Polar disorder, etc.

You may be TRYING TOO HARD???

You may be surprised to hear this, but


If that's the case, your MIND needs to SURRENDER........

That's the only when you may be able to promote HEALING on the Spiritual level.


Everything manifests because of CONSCIOUSNESS. What manifested on the physical-mental-emotional levels is based on CONSCIOUSNESS.

What it means is that SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS can promote TRUE HEALING of Body-Mind-Soul. As long as we are dealing with EFFECT on the consciousness, it's like putting bandaids over the wounds.

Would you like to deal with EFFECT or ORIGIN/CAUSE of the life struggles? I hope you make a wise decision.

My Role as a Spiritual Adviser

Please be aware that I'm simply a MESSENGER and a GUIDE. I won't be able to help heal you without your participation. My role is to serve you and guide you so that you can learn HOW TO HEAL YOURSELF.

Yes, I will guide you to become YOUR OWN HEALER.

If you are READY to HEAL on the SPIRITUAL LEVEL, and would like to promote HEALING by learning to become your own healer, please Contact Me and I'm happy to serve you as a Spiritual Adviser.

Purple Hands

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