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Have you ever experienced any REMOTE SESSIONS in the past?

If you are living outside of Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR area, and you'd like to experience a HEALING SESSION from me, please know that you can RECEIVE SESSIONS without leaving your home.

I currently have clients in other states, Japan and Australia. So, as long as you are OPEN to TRANSFORM, I'm happy to assist you with Remote Healing by using BodyTalk system.

How does REMOTE SESSION work?

HEALING occurs beyond physical level. In other word, HEALING occurs on CONSCIOUSNESS LEVEL.

It's because BodyTalk system is CONSCIOUSNESS-based Healing system, TRANSFORMATION & HEALING can be done REMOTELY.

What is REQUIRED to transform and heal is your OPENNESS and DESIRE to HEAL.

If you are simply OPEN without any expectation, REMOTE HEALING can provide amazing results that can totally change the quality of your life.


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On this page, you will learn;

1) My ROLE as a Remote Healing practitioner

2) What do you Expect from Remote sessions?

3) What do my Clients who have experienced Remote sessions say?

4) How to Set Up an Appointment

5) What to do prior to having a session?

6) What To Do on the Date of the Healing Session

7) What you can do After the session

1) My ROLE as a Remote Healing practitioner

As a REMOTE HEALING practitioner, I'd like to make sure that your experience (Healing process / Transformation process) is as comfortable as possible.

I serve as a guide, messenger and/or interpreter between the Body's Innate Wisdom and Your Body.

My role as a Healing practitioner is to help you...

1) recognize that your Mind is very powerful to manipulate your body-mind complex (partially due to specific belief, limited-thinking, trauma/fears, etc.),

2) identify where the lack of communication (or energy block) within the body-mind complex is situated and the possible reason,

3) release fear/trauma/limited belief (that can be the cause of energy blocks), and

4) wake up the body-mind and harmonize the body's communication system.

As the end result, you can experience SHIFT in CONSCIOUSNESS in many aspects of your life. Thanks to the shift, RELATIONSHIP between you and others (family members, friends, boss, co-workers, neighbors, etc.) can be improved.

A couple of sessions with Open-Mindedness can promote enough shift to TRANSFORM and HEAL.

My PASSION is to share that YOU CAN CHANGE and HEAL YOUR BODY so that you can Live and Love your LIFE!

2) What do you Expect from Remote sessions?


However, if you really would like to know, many of my clients have addressed as follows:


It's because MIND will get to hear what the BODY is saying :)


It's because BRAIN will be more harmonized and balanced.

*Feel BETTER about themselves

It's because TENSION can be released with UNDERSTANDING more about themselves. I also provide instruction on specific breathing that can make them feel RELAXED.

* More HOPE towards FUTURE

It's thanks to the clarity, feeling of hope and faith may come as a result.


Thanks to the Awareness and Shift in Consciousness, you will experience Healing on the Spiritual Level.

3) What do my Clients who have experienced Remote sessions say?

"Hiroko, I wish I knew what you shared 40 years ago!!! My life could have been so different." - Alaska

"今回遠隔セッションを受ける時、不思議な体験をしました。セッションを受ける1ヶ月半くらい前から身体がだるかったり、下半身がとても重かったりしていました。でも、毎日続くわけではなかったので深く気にも止めていませんでした。そんなある日、身体のだるさと重さに加え、胃が締め付けられるような気持ち悪さと激しい頭痛に襲われたのです。病院へ行っても原因は分からないだろうし、ヒロコさんの遠隔セッションしかないと思いすぐにメールを打ちました。送信した直後、私は頭痛と気持ち悪さから解放されました。私の身体が遠隔セッションを受けてと訴えていたのです。驚きでした。 セッションの内容も今の私に必要なことばかりで、気付くことにより学び得たり、自分が今やろうとしている新しいことにトライするための動機つけは、捉える角度により結果は大きく別れることを学びました。トライする前に気付けて本当に良かったです。セッションは自分自身の中の(天生の知恵)声に耳を傾け、気付きにより本来の自分に近づいていくこと…玉ねぎの皮を一枚一枚剥ぐように…私達はいくらでも変化(成長)していけます。この過程を楽しみながら自分に与えられた課題をクリアーしていけたらどんなに楽しいでしょう。(^O^)遠隔セッションは私にとって、人生を豊かにしてくれる大切なパートナーです。自分の天生の知恵の声を聞く大切な時間です。セッションありがとうございました。o(^-^)o" - Tokyo, Japan

"ひろこさん、先日は遠隔セッションをありがとうございました。わけもわからずいらいらし、自分を失う寸前でしたが、根本の理由がわかり、(少しびっくりしておりますが)心も頭もすっきりしました。怒りの原因が母親と主人だと思っていたのが、実は自分の中に隠れていたものだったなんて。。。でも、それが理解できて、気が楽になったら本当に周りの態度までガラッとかわりつつあるのでとりあえずほっとしております。以前は呼吸も困難(パニック状態っぽかったです)だったのですが、落ち着きもでてきました。真っ暗闇の中に光が見えてきた感じです。お勧めされたオイルもいつも手放さず持ち歩いております。なんだか持っているだけでも落ち着く感じです。不思議ですね。これからも教えてくださいね。ありがとうございました。" - Tokyo, Japan

"遠隔セッションを受けた後は、必ずと言って良いくらい自分自身の振り返りができま す。忘れていた出来事を思い出せたり、あのとき私はこんな気持ちだったんだ。と思 い返してその時の自分を受け入れられたり・・・「後悔はマイナスのエネルギーが働 くけれど、気づいて受け入れることによりプラスのエネルギーが働くんですよ。」ヒ ロコさんの言葉が私の心に深く染み込みます。動機が違うと働くエネルギーも全く違 うものになるのだと初めて知りました。

肩肘張らず自然体のままで生きていけたらどんなに楽だろうと思ってしまいます。少 しずつ少しずつ本来の自分に戻っていけたら・・・そして今現在この瞬間を大切に大 切に生きていけたら・・・光の世界に少しでも近づくことができたら・・・そう思わ せてくれるヒロコさんの遠隔セッションに心から感謝しています。" - Tokyo, Japan

4) How to Set Up an Appointment

If you are READY, please CONTACT ME so that we can schedule an appointment.

Best time for me to really CENTER and RELAXED to offer REMOTE SESSIONS is between 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. PST.

Thank you so much for understanding ahead of time.

5) What to do prior to having a session?

Please spend time to reflect your life throughout the childhood and fill out WELLNESS INTAKE FORM. If you could send it back to me by e-mail prior to the initial session, that will save some time and we can focus on the actual session instead of going over the History.

6) What To Do on the Date of the Healing Session

1) Please drink some WATER prior to having a session.

2) Please wear a comfortable clothes for a session so that you can feel relaxed.

3) Please have OPEN-MIND!

4) When we begin Healing Session, please sit down on a comfortable chair.

5) If you do have some Young Living Essential Oils, please display the essential oils that you have within your reach so that we can use some of them as Healing Tools during the session.

7) What you can do After the session

Please do NOT THINK TOO MUCH after the session.

What you will be experiencing is a SHIFT in CONSCIOUSNESS with NEW AWARENESS and INSIGHTS.

I'm sure you will learn a lot about the way YOUR MIND and YOUR BODY were communicating in the past (arguing all the time, simply ignoring, or having passive-aggressive way of communication, etc.).

If it helps, please take some time to simply REFLECT what came up during the session and write about them. Later on, you can CONTEMPLATE about it. Again, please do NOT THINK too much by using your mind.


Ultimately, it is YOU who can CHANGE, TRANSFORM and HEAL!

* If you have any questions regarding REMOTE HEALING, please feel free to CONTACT ME.

If you'd like to use 100% pure and organic therapeutic-grade essential oils as a part of HEALING TOOLS, please click:


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