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Are you looking for a Raindrop instructor so that you can actually see the demonstration of Raindrop Technique right in front of your eyes?

Would you like to learn how to Give and Receive Raindrop Technique?

If so, I'm happy to show demonstration at my home in Camas, WA and share how YOU can perform this wonderful Art of Healing.

Watching the DVD and actually performing are totally different things.

At the beginning, I thought this is about application/dropping of Essential Oils along the spine.

It was not until I actually received the Raindrop treatment from the developer; D. Gary Young when I totally experienced the magical power of this technique and learned that this is MUCH MORE THAN just the application of Essential Oils.

Where Did I Learn Raindrop Technique?

I took my first Raindrop technique class in 2000 from Ted Tidland in Vancouver, WA. I was so intrigued by the technique and the result was amazing.

I wanted to expand my knowledge and education about therapeutic-grade essential oils, so I took hands-on Training from the developer of Raindrop Technique; D. Gary Young, ND. in 2001.

I also took CARE INTENSIVE seminar from Center of Aromatherapy Research and Education, which was developed by Dr. David Stewart, and I studied Raindrop technique, VitaFlex technique, Emotional Release technique, Chemistry of the Essential Oils, and Essential Oils of the Bibles.


I Love Sharing and Giving Raindrop Technique

In 2002, I was assigned to teach the Level 1 Training to Japanese distributors who came all the way to Young Living Farm to learn more about therapeutic-grade essential oils, showed the demonstration of Raindrop technique and shared the tips on how to perform this technique.

Ever since, I've been having wonderful time showing and sharing this wonderful Healing Art.

I'm also happy to show the demonstration of VitaFlex technique, which is a part of Raindrop technique.

Demonstration of Raindrop Technique

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If you'd like to own your own Raindrop kit, there is a way to obtain this kit at discounted price. So, if you are ready to learn this HEALING ART, please ASK ME and I'm happy to assist you.

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