Planning Based on Priority


Once you put DESIGN PROCESS on a piece of paper, you want to come up with ACTION PLAN!!!

Without ACTION PLAN, you may get overwhelmed and you may get exhausted just by thinking about it.

What is your PRIORITY???

Each room has its own CONSCIOUSNESS.

Which aspect would you like to enhance and improve in your LIFE?


If you don't know, I can provide suggestion:

Most Importance Place At Home

In FENG SHUI, ENTRANCE is the most important place of the house. Entrance represents "FACE" of the house.

Entrance is the place where we can invite and welcome GOOD FORTUNE that comes from outside.

Clean Entrance can promote not only "GOOD FORTUNE", but also "ABUNDANCE", "HEALTH", and "LIFE PATH".

Another Important Place At Home

No matter what you'd like to do in life, please know that BATHROOMS are very important since bathrooms can influence our overall life, wealth, health, and spiritual growth.

Before you'd like to do anything NEW (beginning of new relationship, prior to going to the job interview, etc.), I highly recommend you cleaning the bathrooms at home.


Once you clean the entrance and bathrooms, let's come up with next priority.

* If you'd like to enhance OVERALL WELLNESS, you may want to work on the BEDROOM where you sleep to rejuvenate and recharge your energy on a daily basis.

* If you'd like to enhance your HEALTH & WELLNESS and FINANCE & WEALTH, you may want to work on KITCHEN.

* If you'd like to enhance FAMILY relationship, you may want to work on LIVING ROOM and FAMILY ROOM.

* If you'd like to enhance RELATIONSHIP, you may want to work on BEDROOM.

* If you'd like to enhance your CAREER PATH, let's work on decorating the ENTRANCE with FIVE ELEMENTS along with suggested Feng Shui items.

Can't Get MOTIVATED???

Even though you are very excited about CHANGING the ENVIRONMENT, you may feel overwhelmed or cannot get motivated.

If so, I highly recommend "CLUTTER CLEARING" prior to taking action to change the environment.

FENG SHUI is NOT about just re-arranging the placements or placing Feng Shui items in the environment. Most Important process with application of Feng Shui principles is about PURIFICATION of the environment.

Good Fortune (= Higher Frequency) lands where energy is purified, balanced and harmonized.

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Next Step???


Enjoy Each Step to Create Your Ideal Home!!!

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