Law of Attraction is used widely all over the world as a way of manifestation of desires.

It is based on the idea that THOUGHTS (both CONSCIOUS, SUBCONSCIOUS and UNCONSCIOUS) can influence things outside of the head, not just through motivation, but by other means.

Does Law of Attraction really Work?

Do I believe this Law of Attraction??? Do I think that it works???

My answer is "Yes" and "No"....based on how we use it.

It is taught that if you really want something and truly believe it's possible, you'll get it, but putting a lot of attention and thought onto something you don't want means you'll probably get that as well.


Prior to applying this law, there are several things that you would want to find out...


For example, if you were born to be a MUSICIAN, you may not be able to manifest to become a DOCTOR. Each of us is born with certain programming or blueprint.

2) Let's understand that this law works beyond Mind's level

Simple SITTING, PRAYING, WISHING, WAITING cannot manifest what your heart desires no matter how much and how hard you use your mind with positive affirmation.

MIND CONTROL is not the proper way to practice this law.

As many other things, ACTION is required in order to manifest what you desire.

3) Let's find out HOW YOU FEEL, not just what you think and how you think.

If your desire is based on what other people think of you or what other people want you to do, UNCONSCIOUS THOUGHT may become dominant in these cases.

4) Let's understand the origin of your motivation to practice this law.

Is your motivation and desire based on FEAR??? For example, if you don't manifest what you desire, are you afraid that people around you won't accept you?

And, this also includes RESISTANCE with ANGER which is also based on FEAR-based emotion. If you want to apply this law to manifest what your heart desires with anger to try to prove that you can do certain thing, UNCONSCIOUS THOUGHT/EMOTION can be dominant.

5) Are you ALLOWING to manifest what your heart desires?

Do you have enough capacity to accept something NEW? If your plate is still full, you may not be able to welcome new things in your life.

If that's the case, let's EAT and DIGEST what you already have by solving unresolved issues or EMPTY the plate by understanding and releasing the old issues, and CLEAN the plate or serve an appropriate plate based on what you'd like to manifest.


Once you 1) solve unresolved issues,

2) identify what you are supposed to be and do,

3) purify/clear/clean your mind with understanding as well as the environment,

4) design the blueprint (=CONSCIOUSNESS of your desire) with specific intention on a piece of paper,

5) be aware of the FEELING and THOUGHT that come out of the design, and

6) come up with action plan so that you can take action step by step,

you are getting closer to LIVE and LOVE your LIFE!!!

To apply this law, it'll be very important to practice CONSCIOUS LIVING so that you can take action on a daily basis.

HOW MUCH ATTENTION and HOW OFTEN do you put your time/energy into what your heart desires? That can determine HOW FAST the law of Attraction can kick in...

So....., ultimately, it is YOU who can create your reality.

Are you READY???

It's WHEN you start establishing healthy Body-Mind-Soul connection (please make sure that you are applying the HEALING PROCESS), and if the ENVIRONMENT is in alignment of what your heart desires (please make sure that you are applying the DESIGN PROCESS), you have a great chance of manifesting what your heart desires thanks to the LAW of ATTRACTION.

Would you like some assistance???

If you are very serious about re-designing your life and healing of body-mind-soul, and if you don't want to waste of your precious time, but yet you don't know what to do......., please contact me, and I'm happy to assist you as a BodyTalk practitioner, Spiritual Adviser, and/or Feng Shui practitioner.

Water Heart

Let's practice the LAW wisely according to the

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