Five elements

FIVE ELEMENTS are considered as primary elements that consciousness of nature is made up of. It was believed in ancient times that these ELEMENTS can affect our physical-mental-emotional and spiritual health.


These elements of Water-Wood-Fire-Earth-Metal interact one another in nature to either promote HARMONY or DISHARMONY.

Please note that actual substance/object of the above five elements themselves are NOT going to promote disease state. Each element has SYMBOLIC meanings behind it or Consciousness that can manifest on the environment, which can potentially influence your health.

As a Feng Shui practitioner, I always check the balance of Five Elements and incorporate Energy/Objects that are associated with Five Elements to UPLIFT energy, to NEUTRALIZE distorted energy, and then to PROMOTE Balance and Harmony.

In balanced environment, energy flows harmoniously.

If not, you may feel somehow anxious and agitated.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to see energy with human eyes. However, we all have ability to FEEL thanks to having FIVE SENSES.

Have you ever visited anyone's house that made you feel 'something is OFF' no matter how organized and clean the outer environment was?

On the other hand, I'm sure you have visited someone's house that is filled with objects (not clutters), but you still felt cozy and relaxed and the environment made you feel at home!

Why is it???

It's because you are picking up environmental energy that is either promoting Productive cycle or Destructive cycle....unconsciously.


In a Productive or Harmonious energy cycle,



FIRE produces EARTH

EARTH produces METAL

METAL supports WATER


In Destructive Energy Cycle,

WATER extinguishes FIRE


METAL chops down WOOD

WOOD upheaves EARTH



In order for us to incorporate the FIVE ELEMENTS effectively, we need to understand EIGHT DIRECTIONS, each of which is associated with FIVE ELEMENTS.

DESTRUCTIVE energy cycle can cause....

If you leave Destructive energy cycle untreated, it can promote Energy Blocks that can manifest as

* Physical issues

such as pain, discomfort, frequent sickness, disease, etc.

* Emotional issues

such as Anxiety, Mood Swings, etc.

* Mental issues

such as Depression, Nervous breakdown, Negative thinking patterns, etc.

* Relationship issues

such as Argument, Separation, Divorce, etc.

Possible Effect of Destructive Energy Cycle

I'd like to give you some examples of EFFECTS due to Destructive Energy Cycle.

I have visited several houses where I found "Water-Fire" destructive cycle and the family members have expressed that they started Fighting and Arguing all the time for no reason or over trifle things, they cannot relax at certain area of the room or house, and/or they felt anxious and frustrated for no specific reason. Some ended up either separated or had experienced divorce.

Another example of Destructive Cycle is caused due to "Earth-Water" elements. This can promote feeling of ANXIETY, OVERWHELMING with everything in life.

"Metal-Wood" destructive cycle can promote feeling of Being ATTACKED all the time.

"Wood-Earth" destructive cycle can promote feeling of Being CONTROLLED all the time.

"Fire-Metal" destructive cycle can promote SHORT TEMPER among family member(s) or feeling of PRESSURE and BURNED OFF.

Your issues/problems can be due to DESTRUCTIVE cycle in the environment which is beyond Personality issues among family member(s).

You never know what the ORIGIN can be....

Are you CONCERN???

If you are interested in having a professional READ and INTERPRET YOUR HOUSE, you can consider hiring a Feng Shui practitioner for assessment.

You may be surprised to see what your HOUSE has been telling you.

And some Mysteries may be resolved.......

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