I would like to share some of the Feng Shui Testimonials, stories and experiences that my clients had before and after Feng Shui assessment.


"We hired Hiroko as a Feng Shui practitioner and we've seen some positive differences in our life. We didn't have much concern to begin with, but having a general assessment made us aware of some energy blocks throughout the house. As a result of making some changes based on her suggestions, we (as well as our two dogs) feel more at PEACE and all of us can sleep through the night. After 10 years of sleep disturbance, this alone is such a great gift. We also experienced unexpected events that resulted in boosting our business. We feel positive energy is coming into our life and we feel very blessed to have had her input and suggestions in our home. Thank you."

-Burke and Angelique Harris, Battle Ground, WA


“Thank you, Hiroko! All kinds of sweet things are happening for us since we met with you! Interesting awareness is that the furniture arrangement in our home office was not inviting/accepting abundance and prosperity”.

- P.M. Gresham, Oregon

My Mother's Lesion in Bladder Disappeared

"Dear Hiroko: I very much enjoyed working with you. I've implemented some of your recommendations, more to follow. I have some very good and interesting news. Remember that we took down the cracked "bladder" stained glass? Well, my mother had her biopsy today and her lesion has disappeared!!!!!!! (I also had her wear red underwear as you recommended, by the way). The doctor had originally said that it might just be inflammation, but I guess he was surprised by the finding.

I must admit that I'm a skeptic. Perhaps it was only inflammation in the first place. Perhaps my Christian sister's prayers were the force. Or, perhaps it was indeed your advice. I'll never know what healed my mom's lesion...I'm just relieved that it's gone.

I'm ever indebted to you for your help, guidance, and wisdom. Ever since your visit, I have felt quite optimistic about the future. Thank you."

- J. W. Portland, OR

Son's Ear Problem and Draining Issue

"It was so nice and interesting having you at our house. Everything feels so differently, now. My son (who had recurring ear problem) has been much more open with his emotions. It's remarkable. And, it was interesting to know that the drain issue got resolved when you came over. (After spending over $600 on chemicals, we still had drain issue). Thank you for your guidance and advice!"

- S. & R. B. Gresham, Oregon

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I do have my own Feng Shui testimonials. If you'd like to read, you can click: Hiroko's Feng Shui Testimonials

You may be surprised to HEAR what your HOUSE has been telling you :)

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