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I was born and grew up in Japan where FENG SHUI wisdom is widely known and practiced. However, up till this point, I had no idea as to how much every little thing in the environment can influence one's life.

I used to be very skeptical and close-minded. To reveal how close-minded I was, I honestly share that I'd never heard of the word; "FENG SHUI" until when I had this experience.

My experience with destructive environmental energy and what it could cause really opened my eyes to the new consciousness.




This experience happened in 1994, the year when my oldest son was born. My son's birth really shifted my life and a lot of things happened since his birth. Looking back, I can truly recognize each event as blessing in disguise because my life totally changed after that point for the better. However, I had no clue and it seemed as if I was on a roller-coaster ride. I got confused.

On top of all that, something that really blew my mind happened. It was one Awakening moment in my life that changed the way I look at everything.

Environment can greatly influence your LIFE!

My Irish-American husband, who loves Japanese garden, chose to build a beautiful Japanese garden at the front yard of my parents' home in Japan.

Stepping stones, white rocks, bamboos, etc. were nicely placed to make it like a river flowing through from the entry gate to the entrance of their house. What he built was so beautiful that even the local professional gardener was impressed. Everyone in the family was happy with the result, which of course made my husband happy.

Can one small OBJECT cause DISHARMONY?

There was something that my husband placed at the center of their garden. It was a simple STONE LANTERN that you may see at most of the Oriental gardens.

No one ever thinks that the little item like that could have caused such a disharmony within a family member. But, it did....to our family. Stone Lantern itself is not a problem. It was not a cause of the problem. Rather, I highly recommend Stone Lantern to be placed in the garden since it acts as a great focal point.

Then, what was the problem?

It was due to the LOCATION and the PLACEMENT that caused some disharmony to our family member.

Stone Lantern - A Hole in the Lung?

Stone Lantern

Within 2 weeks of the beautiful Japanese garden being built, my younger brother, who was a healthy teenager who'd never had any major health concern up till that point, started having severe breathing problem.

It got to the point when he was sent to the local family doctor who ordered him to be sent to the emergency hospital right away.

He received 4-hour death sentence if a tube was not inserted into his lung by then to save his life.

A hole in his lung?

What caused it?

He was having a normal life, no fall, no injury....nothing.

At the hospital, X-ray pictures were taken which clearly showed a hole in his left lung, and his lung had shrunk due to the air leaking out.

An emergency tube was inserted and the operation date was set 3 days after that day.

What did my Mother do???

This experience totally shocked the entire family.

We didn't know what was happening and what was going on.

Out of desperation, my mother who is very intuitive made a call to a woman to come visit her house right away after explaining the situation. I had no idea who she was then, but this woman came over to our house the very next day.

Craziest comment that I ever heard in my life

She climbed up the stairs to open the entry gate at my parents' house. The moment she saw the Stone Lantern, she simply said....


She immediately replaced the stone lantern to the safe location while making a comment to my mother...

"Because of it, your son got sick."

When I heard her comment, I seriously thought that she was so crazy to make that stupid comment. Who would ever think that a stone lantern could cause my brother to have a hole in his lung?

[I will remind you again, but it's the PLACEMENT of it that was the problem. It's not the stone lantern itself that is the problem.]

What WAS the PROBLEM then?

She, then, started explaining the importance of the placement and the symbolic meaning of the placement of the stone lantern.

The problem was that the stone lantern was placed on top of a manhole underneath of which has several pipes running through.

For some reason, this manhole was placed in the middle of the front yard. My husband thought that it was ugly to look at and simply thought it might be a good idea to hide it by placing a stone lantern on top.

She explained that pipes running through could symbolically represent blood vessels within a human body. Stone lantern which is very heavy in weight was giving too much pressure and excess air was leaking out from holes of the stone lantern.

Does it make sense to you???

To be honest, it didn't to me at that time.

However, looking at what had happened to one of my brother's lung who decided to have a hole so that air could leak out for no particular reason, I couldn't completely deny it, either.

She checked other areas of the house both inside and outside, and she performed 'SPACE CLEARING' (Link).

After that, we all prayed.


As originally planned, my brother was going to have his first operation to make his left lung expand since it didn't inflate at all naturally.

Strangely, my brother had a high fever right before the operation, which made it impossible for him to go through the operation.

The doctor advised him to wait until his fever goes down. When it did, the doctor ordered another X-ray to check the status of his lung.

To everyone's surprise, his left lung got back to normal. My mother told me that 5 of the doctors at the hospital compared the X-ray photos of 'before' and 'after' and couldn't really explain what had happened to his lung when he was having a fever. They called his case as one of the 'MIRACULOUS HEALING'.

Needless to say, he didn't have to go under the operation.

We were all amazed, of course, but so thankful for this miracle. It's been over 15+ years now and he has been doing great ever since.

Path to become a Feng Shui practitioner

To me, this experience opened my eyes to alternative form of healing and opened the door to study about ENERGY in the environment and its relationship to our body.

We are all connected.

Thanks to my husband who built the Japanese garden at my parents' house, thanks to my brother who had gone through and shown me the MIRACLE by becoming the physical sufferer of the misalignment of the environmental energy, I shifted my gear to seek something completely different. I chose the path to be a Feng Shui practitioner.

Importance of the PLACEMENT of OBJECTS

So, now you know that even a small item can influence our life.

I encourage you to walk all around the house, one room at a time, to stop in front of each object (such as pictures, paintings, decorative items) and ask to see why you are placing it at that specific point.

And, ask to see how each item makes you feel. You may be surprised to see what types of thought/feeling can come up from each item....or, simply no specific thought/feeling comes up.

I highly suggest you placing each item with specific intention, attention and consciousness. It's because EACH ITEM can influence your life greatly just like the way my family experienced. Probably, you didn't make that connection in the past.

Environmental Misalignment can be the cause of DISHAROMY in your Life

You never know....

Especially, after reading my story, you cannot say 'absolutely NO' to this.

If you are skeptical, it's okay. But, let's be OPEN to see if there are any connection between your environment and your current life situation.

If you are NOT completely satisfied and happy, you feel SAD for no specific reason, you have NO MOTIVATION, you cannot sleep well at night, etc......, it might be a great idea to be more open and start seeking possible cause(s) in the outer environmental and learn the basic of FENG SHUI system.

Let's Learn more about FENG SHUI!

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