Design Home that Suites Your Ideal in Life

What is your IDEAL HOME? If you don't know the answer, I highly suggest you spending some time visualizing your Ideal Home.

It's because you can master the art and process of Manifesting what your Heart desires with some knowledge, understanding, and practicing.

If you think you cannot do that, or you tried, but it didn't work, it may be because you didn't know certain principles and process of that manifestation.

If you have strong desire to have ideal home, let's learn the art and process of it by reading: Law of Attraction

You can apply the "principles of Design-Live-Love" consciously through the ENVIRONMENT to see if that can make some difference in life.

Design Home with Specific Style

If you have all the freedom of choice, what type of HOME would you like to live?

Are you drawn to

SW Living room

* Traditional-style Home?

* Contemporary-style Home?

* Victorian-style Home?

* Tuscan-style Home?

* Southwestern-style Home?

* Western-style Home?

* Oriental-style Home?

* Hawaiian-style Home?

* Tropical-style Home?


There are many selections to choose from.

Which style does your current home represent???

Is it what you desire?

I have visited many people's houses as a Feng Shui practitioner, and I realized this fact:

Many of them are NOT feeling comfortable and happy at their current style and state of living, but they didn't know what to do and how to make changes.

And, most importantly, they didn't have any ideal and specific style of HOME DESIGN.

Home without Intention and Ideal

I will share what can happen if you don't have any specific IDEAL or INTENTION of your precious home.

Let's say, you were born as American and grew up in a typical American home. As an adult, you feel you want to change the atmosphere and craving for something different. However, you don't know what aspect of your home that you don't like or what needs to be done to make changes. As a result, you stick with the style that you already know and are familiar with, and keep living that way for the rest of your life.

It's like you were craving for Italian food deep in your mind, but didn't express to anyone. Then, you were waiting and wishing for Italian food to be served at a Japanese restaurant.

Another example is that you show up at Mexican restaurant with a pair of chopsticks and miso soup bowl, wishing for a wonderful Italian pasta dish to be served.

Can you REALLY and FULLY enjoy the meal with that set-up? Can you imagine eating pasta dish in a miso soup bowl, eating with chopsticks?

If your ATTENTION-INTENTION-ENVIRONMENT are NOT in alignment, you may be far from enjoying life.

If you keep living this way, you may miss a great opportunity to change. Change for better!

Consciousness-Based Home Design

I'm here to present to you "CONSCIOUSNESS-BASED HOME DESIGN".

What it means is that you will be designing your home; one room at a time with specific intention and decorating items that represent your INTENTION and IDEAL.

Purpose of Consciousness-Based Home Design

We manifest things due to CONSCIOUSNESS. The purpose of designing home with specific intention is to practice "LAW OF ATTRACTION".

Without CONSCIOUSNESS, nothing happens and nothing manifests.

If you design home with specific intention, it can act as a BLUEPRINT of your IDEAL LIFE. What you will be surrounded will naturally remind you of the IDEAL LIFE that you desire.


I'll share my IDEAL HOME DESIGN as an example.

SW Pool I've been drawn to traditional American Indian's Adobe style home (which is one of my dreams to live in the Adobe home).

I also love simplicity of Japanese Zen-like atmosphere. I didn't really appreciate Japanese style home while growing up in Japan, however, attending the Tea Ceremony once totally changed the way I had towards Japanese way of living.

Then, I love ROCKS/STONES as seen in old Irish castles. By the way, my mother-in-law is from Ireland.

Coincidentally (but, not really), when you come to visit my house, you can see ALL OF THE ABOVE ASPECTS.

I could manifest all of them while living in America.

Why??? It's because I had those IDEALS while living in the previous house, and I simply allowed myself to manifest my IDEAL HOME.

I also decorated each room with specific intention and display items based on that intention.

Your Ideal Home Design???

So, it's YOUR TURN to do the same.

You don't need to be living in the IDEAL HOME now.

You will be DESIGNING, TAKING ONE STEP at a time to MANIFEST your IDEAL HOME based on your INTENTION!!!

Are you READY???


I will make it easy for you.

When you are STUCK, you can simply search the styles of your choice and get some ideas and suggestions.


[I will be working on the above link. Thank you for your patience.]


Step 2: Planning Based on Priority

Step 3: Clutter Clearing

Step 4: Build A Sacred Space

Step 5: Feng Shui Each Room

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