Are you ready to DESIGN your Ideal Life
and LIVE it and LOVE it?

Hiroko Hibbard shares Natural and Simple ways to promote

Conscious Living & Spiritual Growth

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What is going on with your life now is a mere reflection of your current state of CONSCIOUSNESS, which is your awareness of thoughts, memories, beliefs, feelings, sensations and environment.

If that is true, are you HAPPY with your current life now?

If your answer is "YES", that is wonderful. You must have learned "Design - Live - Love" principles to live your life with Balance and Harmony.

If your answer is "NO", welcome to my site. Let's stop, review, and reflect what is going on with your life right now. And, seek some reasons as to why you are not happy.

If you'd like, I can share how you can shift your consciousness for better life and better future so that you, too, can learn how to live life with passion.

Consciousness-based Home and Life Design

What you are experiencing, what you are feeling and thinking, and what you had experienced in the past all contributed to manifest YOU and YOUR CURRENT LIFE. You are the manifestation of your CONSCIOUSNESS.

Wouldn't it be interesting to see your consciousness level if that is influencing your current life? What type of THOUGHTS and FEELINGS are you having? What type of BELIEF (most likely, LIMITED BELIEF) and MEMORIES you are holding onto? Did you know that your environment can also influence your life greatly?

In this site, you will learn step-by-step process of UNDERSTANDING YOU, RECOGNIZING YOUR LIFE PATTERNS including thoughts/beliefs/feelings, DESIGNING your ideal life, TAKING ACTION to manifest ideal life so that you can TRANSFORM your life!

If you have any Life Challenges that avoid you from moving forward and from having happier & healthier life, please know that you are on the PATH to have Balanced and Harmonious life!!! So, please don't ignore and escape from those life challenges.


How to Live with Balance and Harmony is like learning How to Cook and Enjoy Meal.


Believe it or not, these are the KEY elements that can help you transform your life. And, thanks to those elements, along with some HEALING SPICES, you will learn how to DESIGN-LIVE-LOVE your Life.

As the end result, you will also have healthy BODY-MIND-SOUL connection as well, which is when you can truly take advantage of the effect of the LAW of ATTRACTION to manifest what your heart desires.

There is no coincidence in life.

In other word, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR SPECIFIC REASON. If that's the case, you must have been guided to find me so that you can discover WHO YOU BECAME unconsciously. So, let's take some moments to ask some questions to yourself.

Are you seeking to DESIGN your new house, or REMODEL your current house, or simply looking for better way to LIVE? And, for what reason?

Whatever the reason may not be completely happy with your current house or life. That may be one of the reasons why you are looking and seeking for something NEW. Don't you agree?

Great news is that you can DESIGN your ideal life; from OUTSIDE IN and INSIDE OUT so that you can fully enjoy loving your own life based on the "INNATE WISDOM" = DESIGN that matches with who you are. If you simply follow that, you will be on the path to practice Balanced and Harmonious Life!

Is it really possible? That is for you to find out.

There is one thing that I can share: I took steps to re-design my life and manifested what my heart desires. Thanks to that, I LOVE what I DO and I DO what I LOVE to DO.

That's why I'm offering you the STEP BY STEP PROCESS in this site so that you can learn and apply secret and sacred principles to re-create your own life.

So, if you are ready, let's begin!!!

How to Begin Creating your "IDEAL LIFE".....

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You are a CO-DESIGNER of your own life.

You just didn't know how to apply some sacred principles to live life with Harmony and Passion up till this point. That's all.

Your CURRENT LIFE is a reflection of what you experienced in the past, but you cannot go back to fix your past experiences. And, you cannot worry about your future that hasn't come as of yet. What we will do together is to analyze your past experiences, identify the pattern that no longer serves you, and then, you can TRANSFORM your life based on the design that better suites you.

So, let's think and design YOUR IDEAL LIFE by focusing on NOW.



TODAY is a GIFT...

That's why it is called "PRESENT".

TODAY can be the BEGINNING of your NEW LIFE if you are open to experiment the process of "Design + Live + Love" principles.

Together, let's make some differences in your precious life.

And, deserve to fully enjoy and love your life.

Love & Light

Hiroko Hibbard


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